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ASC's "Preacher-Man"


ASC's Preacher-Man is a dog that I can totally trust to protect my home and what is most important to family. He is a first generation dog produced here at American Sentinel K9, LLC. His sire is Sorrells' Captain Skip. His dam is Eclipse of ASC (aka...Runningbear's Shadow). He took to PP work naturally despite acting like a puppy with the family. He has been worked by many outstanding trainers and every trainer that met him was very pleased with his determination.

Even though he was born way back on April 28th of 2005, is getting a bit slower and not the same dog he once was, he is still with us and is still surprisingly active for his age. In the first video below, you can see him running through the yard and jumping a few downed logs at 11 years of age. While we certainly appreciate his structural soundness and health, his best attribute is his loyalty. Preacher is an extremely gentle natured dog with my family, but like Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde, Preacher becomes quite a different animal when a potential threat arises.

It should also be stated that mental stability with the family is the most important aspect of a Family Companion Guardian. Any dog that functions as such must be totally safe with their entire family. Preacher is just that. We hope you enjoy the photos and videos below.

Preacher-Man at 11 years old running & jumping

Height: 26"

Weight: 110#

Hip X-Ray:  "Good"

At only 8 months of age - First Evaluation
At 10 months of age - First Send
ASC's Preacher-Man defines what a bandog is...
ASC's Preacher-Man at 11 years old works the bicep
Preacher-Man - Highlights over the years...

Playing 'horse" with my daughter, Courtney
Preacher-Man worked by Wade Ford
Preacher-Man training with Wade Ford
Preacher-Man worked by Johnny Courville
Preacher-Man @ 10 years of age worked by Keaten Temple
A young Preacher-Man worked by Prentiss Wallace
Old Preacher-Man has a reunion with Prentiss Wallace
Preacher-Man working with Keaten Temple
More work w/ Keaten Temple
Preacher-Man at 8 months (when he was just "Preacher-Boy")

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