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ASC Catch Dog Program

Application process for proven hog hunters

We assume you have seen some of our successful hog hunts on our catch dog page. To be accepted in our "Catch Dog Program," we would like to see some of your successes as well. Please submit at least two videos of your previous successes legally hunting hogs in the woods (not pens) OR at least ten pictures of different hogs that you have caught using dogs. You need to be in the video/photo with the dogs, so we can confirm you are not submitting someone else's video/photos (which some people have done before we created this page). The Catch Dog Program is only offered to hog hunters that are able to demonstrate personal experience as a hog hunter AND the willing to document working proof of their catch dogs in legal hog hunts, as we ourselves have done.

Since 2000, I have personally invested an average of over $1000 per month and now 16 years later I have over $200,000 in the American Sentinel program. My point being, giving our blood away for $500 does not cover our expenses, so we expect participants in the "Catch Dog Program" to document some of the successes even if just using a cell phone camera or a GoPro. To hold participants to this obligation, any American Sentinel sold in the "Catch Dog Program" will not come with ASCR paper work until a couple videos have been provided that show the dogs successful at legal catch work.

Dogs sold in the Catch Dog Program are still covered with our health and performance guarantee. If we have doubts about any particular dog it will not be offered in this program. The success of the American Sentinel as high performance working breed for catch work and protection/guard work is an important goal of ours in efforts to continue to demonstrate the American Sentinel as the premier bandog program in existence, which is why we evaluate every dog before it leaves here. Quality catch dogs must have high prey drive and must display good athleticism, confidence, and an appropriate degree of animal aggression. The American Sentinel has all these components.

While we typically do not have "surplus" dogs, it does happen from time to time. As I write this, we just had a litter last Friday, but our last litter prior to that one was over eight months ago; however, including the one born Friday, we have six litters expected in the next 2 months (in 2-4 months they will be 8-10 weeks old). If you look at our "dogs for sale" page, you will notice, almost every breeding that has taken place has the top two or three picks spoken for even though some of the pups not even been born yet. We limit the number of deposits accepted on breedings before the pups are born since we do not know what number of each gender will be born until they are born and survive. As a result, once the pups are born we may experience a large litter with some quality working prospects available.

Pups are dewormed at 3, 5, & 7 and they receive their first vaccination shot between 6-7 weeks. Most of our pups are shipped out between 8-9 weeks of age. If they are still here at 9-10 weeks they are dewormed again and will receive their second vaccination...and may be eligible for this "Catch Dog Program." If you cannot move quickly when the time comes, just tell us when we call you and we will put your name at back at the bottom of the list and call the next hunter; however, if you say you want the dog and more than 10 days go by and you still have not made agreeable arrangements with us to get your pup ASAP, you will lose your deposit. We can make shipping arrangements if need be, but any expenses for shipping would be the buyer's responsibility (shipping quotes are on our dogs for sale page). The purpose of this program is to find suitable working homes for every working candidate in a timely manner so we can continue to focus on the advancement of the American Sentinel program as companion working dogs.

So, this is where you come in. If you want to be placed on a waiting list for a $500 American Sentinel catch dog, then
  1. Submit the photos/videos of your previous catches, and your preference of male/female,
  2. We will then discuss things briefly such as time line, whatever questions you have, etc,
  3. If approved, place your $500 payment to secure your reservation,
  4. Your first name and the initial of your last name will be posted on the waiting list below,
  5. When "surplus" working prospects are ~9-10 weeks old we will contact you to let you know we have something for you,
  6. When we contact you, tell us if you want the pup or if you need to pass at that time. Should you pass, we will rotate you back to the bottom of the list and ask you how much time you need to wait (3 months, 6 months, or over a year). You will be allowed to rotate back through the waiting list a second time. If you pass the second time, you lose your deposit.
  7. If you say you want the pup, then you will make agreeable arrangements to pick up your pup within 10 days or send in the necessary funds for us to ship your pup to you. If you say you want the pup and then fail to do this, you will then lose your deposit. Having an appropriate time line for pick up allows us to focus on the development of our own dogs. Each dog deserves time in its development and training.
  8. In the unlikely event that the dog does not work out for performance reasons or should it display genetic health problems, we will replace it. To prevent this, we pretest the dogs before I send them out, and we will offer tips if need be. If you try our tips and they do not solve the problem, we will replace the dog. We will not replace dogs that have been bred or dogs that die from injury, preventable disease, or neglect.
To prevent dog aggression between catch dogs of the same gender, we will allow you to place a gender requirement so you can get dogs of the opposite gender. If you are wanting a dog of a certain color or from a specific breeding, this program is not for you. If you are wanting a good catch dog at a discounted price and can document some of your hunts on digital video with a cell phone or a GoPro, then this is a great route to pursue.

Thank you...and good hunting.

Waiting list...
1. Jason S. (male)
2. Adam G. (female)
(The list will close if it gets too long. We don't want to promise more pups than we have coming down the pipe line).

Summary of how the "Catch Dog Program" works...

If you meet the above criteria (submit legal videos/photos) and place $500 reservation, we will contact you when we see we have some pups suitable for the work but after we have selected our protection dogs. We select the protection dogs from 6-10 weeks. The catch dogs will be identified around 9-10 weeks. It is around this time (10 weeks) that we then message you some how (facebook, email, phone call, etc) and then you tell me if you want the pup or not. If you say no, your name goes on the bottom of the waiting list to rotate back through a second time. If you say yes to the pup, you get your pup at an agreeable time, but preferably withing a week or two. If you leave me hanging at this point and do not pick up your pup as agreed or if you pass on a pup a second time, you then lose your deposit. Shipping ($450-500 for pups less than 3 months) and ear crops are additional fees ($250), and those details can be seen on our dogs for sale page.